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To Our Beloved Student Body,

A Message from the Executive Leadership

As your elected leaders it is incumbent upon us to serve with fortitude, gratitude, and vision. The vision that has been cast is great, but the intentions are greater.  As you review our vows of service to you, please understand our sincere intention to address your every concern.

As your Student Body President and Vice President, we are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to confront the challenges of the days, months, and the year ahead. Thus, as we move forward with the agenda that has been set forth, we open our hearts, minds, and office doors to each and every rattler on our campus. Allow us to be clear, FAMU must live forever, and if anyone, anywhere attempts to do her harm, let his right hand forget its cunning and his tongue cleave to the roof of his mouth. FAMU today, FAMU tomorrow, FAMU forever.


Anthony Q. Siders, II                                                                                            Evan D. Bailey

Student Body President and                                                                              Student Body Vice President