Volunteer Hours

Entering Volunteer Hours

  1. Sign in to iStrike using your FAMU email credentials. 
  2. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Scroll down and click the Involvement Link. 
  4. Click the Add Involvement button.
  5. To request to add a volunteer opportunity to your campus Involvement Record click Event Participation.
  6. Under membership, choose H. Manning Efferson Student Union and  Activities.
  7. Under category, choose General
  8. Fill out the Involvement Form
  • Each student volunteer must complete their own volunteer Involvement Entries.  Volunteer work must be for at least one hour or more to submit an Involvement Entry.  We will not process volunteer time in increments less than one hour
  • Once you complete the Involvement Form an email will be sent to the Reference Person whom you worked with during the volunteer opportunity.  The Reference Person cannot be another student.
  • iStrike will send an email to the Reference Person.  The email will be sent from no-reply@orgsync.com The Reference Person will approve the volunteer time or deny the time if it is inaccurate. 

Denied Involvement Entry

If an Involvement Entry is denied, the student may need to make corrections to the data that was previously submitted.  Either way, once an entry is denied another entry will have to be completed and resent to the Reference person.  (Communicate with your reference person to find out why the entry was denied BEFORE you resubmit).

The volunteer can go to the Involvement Link (as previously described) to see the status of the Involvement Entry under the Activities Section.

  • If  the volunteer entry is approved the volunteer will see a green check mark in the involvement activities section.
  • If the volunteer entry is denied the volunteer will see a red caution sign in the involvement activities section.  Volunteers will have to resubmit  the Involvement Entry if the entry was submitted incorrectly or denied.
  • If the volunteer entry is pending the volunteer will see an incomplete circle in the involvement activities section. 

Volunteer hours may be flagged for an audit for several reasons 

  • Reported volunteer time was from an unrecognizable volunteer agency
  • too many hours earned in a given time frame
  • Volunteer hours are not earned by making donations.
  • The Reference Person used a personal, non business email address (Hotmail, ymail, Gmail, etc.) 

Approved Hours

  • All approved volunteer hours will be forwarded to the University’s Registrar’s Office monthly.
  • All hours that were submitted within a month, that were not approved by the end of that month, will need to have an Involvement Entry Verification Form completed in addition to the Involvement Entry to have those hours submitted to the University Registrar’s Office.  
  • Approved volunteer hours will only be recorded on your transcript if you are actively enrolled in            the semester that the volunteer hours were earned. 
  • All volunteer hours earned during a semester MUST be submitted by the last day of classes per semester to be recorded as earned during that semester. 
  • All approved hours that were earned during a semester, but not submitted by the last day of classes of that semester will  be placed under the next semester.