Facility Reservations & Rentals


The Department of Campus Recreation boasts numerous spaces available for reservation. Whether conducting a business meeting, organizing a sporting event, celebrating a birthday party or even hosting a formal dinner, Campus Recreation has the right space for you.

All rental spaces are available to the community at large.  Feel free to contact our helpful staff with any question that you might have.  We also offer tours of our facilities, so you can view our offerings first hand.

Campus Recreation Outdoor Facilities &
Space/Room Rental Rates - (Updated July 2016)

Regular Operation Hrs. Supervision Fee: $12/hr per supervisor. 2 or more may be required depending on size of event and clean up/food involvement.  Fees shown do not include set-up, tables, chairs, microphone/sound system, clean-up cost and supervision. Space Rentals during Non-Operational Hours may require extra supervision fees. 

  FAMU Entity (Operational Hrs) Non-FAMU Organization
Group Exercise Studio $100 (up to 8 hours only) $175 to $300 (4 to 8hrs)
Basketball Gym (2)     $150 to 300 (4 to 8hrs) $350 to $2,000 (4 to 8hrs)
Classroom (seating for 36) $75 (4 to 8hrs) $100 to $200 (4 to 8hrs)
Outdoor Pavilion $50 to $75 (4 to 8hrs)     $75 to $125 (4 to 8hrs)
Outdoor Basketball Courts (2) $50 (4 to 8hrs)     $75 to $125 (4 to 8hrs)
Sand Volleyball Courts (2) $50 (4 to 8hrs)     $75 to $125 (4 to 8hrs)
Sprint Turf Field (2 fields)     $150 to $225 (4 to 8hrs) $250 to $500 (4 to 8hrs)
Fields (Softball or Soccer) $100 to $125 (4 to 8hrs) $150 to $300 (4 to 8hrs)

Rental payment must be in Money Order or Cashier’s Check. (Check written to “FAMU”) Full payments for all fees are due at least 5 days in advance before event.

Additional questions and pricing inquiries may be made directly to Karen Colston at karen.colston@famu.edu or (850) 412-5519.