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The Office of Student Activities seeks to serve the student body of the university. We strive to enhance the lives of the students that we come in contact with daily, and encourage those students to engage other students in enriching their student life experiences. College life is designed to afford you varied experiences that you would otherwise have never experienced had you not attended an institution of higher learning, such as FAMU.  We strive each day to provide worthy experiences.

During a student’s tenure at FAMU, exposure to cultural, educational, and social activities and events is a must. This exposure is realized through becoming a member of a club or organization. This campus acknowledges one-hundred twenty-three certified clubs and organizations. The certification process affords students leadership training, volunteer opportunities, and several advantages when securing venues on-campus, and requesting financial assistance through the Student Government Association’s Activity and Service (A&S) fee process. The certification process has another noteworthy component, a student generated on line data base where they add in their own information. The system (RATTLERLINK) allows designated club and organization officers to update their executive board, membership listing, constitution, by-laws, calendar of events and meeting notes.  The system also allows posting of  flyers of upcoming events for other certified organizations to see. This process is monitored by a coordinator of this office who approves all updates which then allows information to post to the system. This system is in its second year, and enjoyed by all.

This office would be unable to assist you without the dedicated staff employed in the office, and throughout the university. Administrative interaction on a daily basis serves as a good leadership training module, and allows students to actively serve on all committees that involve student life.

It is the desire of the office to expand the staff to better serve the students, and to expand the square footage of the union to better accommodate the growing student enrollment. The development of this web site is in its early stages, and will be expanded as the academic year moves on. We invite you to view the site often, as we will constantly update the site as news worthy programs, activities and events are introduced to our student body.

Thank You For Viewing Our Site!