Leadership Opportunities

There are several community service & volunteer leadership positions available.  Team Leaders are a select group of students who are highly committed to community service & volunteerism. The Team Leaders help to plan service events, including the Involvement Fair, as well as serve as a presence throughout the FAMU community.  They lead a team of student volunteers who share their common interest and willingness to support community service & volunteerism at FAMU.

These roles include: 

Campus and Community Volunteer Opportunities Team Leader

Recruitment, Training and Leadership Development Team Leader

Special Projects Team Leader

Program Marketing Team Leader (This team includes Sub-Teams to include Photography, Graphic Design and Correspondents

Assessment and Volunteer Recognition Team Leader

Information Technology Team Leader

Volunteer Services Teams

Campus and Community Volunteer Opportunities Team – This team will assist with bringing awareness to volunteer opportunities on campus and in the local community.

Recruitment, Training and Leadership Development Team - This team will assist with Recruitment efforts and assist with the coordination of training and orientation sessions for volunteers.

Special Projects Team – This team will assist with the coordination of all VSP Special Programs.

Program Marketing Team – This team will post flyers and announcements for upcoming VSP sponsored events and volunteer opportunities via social media.  This team includes sub-teams to include Photography and Graphic Design and assist with the management of these services.  The Photography team will be required to use a variety of professional cameras and should be expected to attend VSP functions, campus and community events where possible to take pictures of volunteers in action.  The Graphic Design team will be responsible for the creation of flyers, brochures, and graphic and digital files. 

Assessment and Volunteer Recognition - This team will assist with promoting volunteer awareness and serve as advocates for service recognition.  Further duties include assisting with program assessment and evaluative services.

Correspondents – Serve as a media liaison for the Volunteer Services Office and all of the program’s components. This team may be responsible for producing reports, video footage, vlogs and blogs for the VSP.  (See Correspondents Section below).

Information Technology - This team identifies the best use of technology, assist with databases, podcast vlogs and blogs

Volunteer Services Program Correspondents 

Correspondent of Advocate Affairs

Correspondent for Campus and Community Affairs

Correspondent for Recruitment and Leadership Development

Special Projects Correspondent

Public Relations Correspondent

Correspondent for Special Services

Correspondent for Evaluative Services

Program Advocates

There are Program Advocate Positions available.  Program Advocates assist with the Management of one or more Teams.  They work directly with the Program Administrator and have served at least one year as a team leader prior to gaining the position.